About Us:


Esperity Health, a product of Esperity, is a healthcare company with a rich history in crafting patient engagement solutions. We firmly believe in placing patients at the heart of everything we do.


Our Mission:


Our name, Esperity, is derived from ‘Esperanza’, meaning hope, and ‘Identity’. This reflects our mission to instill hope and provide guidance to patients. We aim to enhance the quality of life by developing solutions that empower patients, acknowledging that hope fuels their journey and health forms a crucial part of their identity.


Our Story:


Esperity was born out of the shared experiences of a patient and a physician who felt the need for more tools to navigate their health journeys. They recognized that patients often feel overwhelmed when receiving information about their disease or treatment options and can feel lost in their patient trajectory.


Over the years, Esperity has expanded its reach across Europe and beyond, consistently focusing on empowering patients. We have collaborated with major patient organizations, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to fulfill our mission. We believe in the power of multi-stakeholder collaboration to deliver solutions that truly empower patients. Data privacy, legislation, and ethical considerations are at the forefront of our operations.


What sets Esperity apart is our approach to solution-building. We interact with patients across various disease areas, understanding their needs, and translating these into valuable solutions for all stakeholders, including hospitals, industry, and patient organizations, in a compliant and safe manner.


Our Brussels-based team is a diverse mix of patient experts, physicians, pharmacists, engineers, and occupational therapists.


Our Values:


Inspiration and Hope: We inspire people to persevere and provide hope. We are creative and resourceful, identifying tools that can aid people in their journey.


Respect, Integrity, and Equality: We acknowledge the vulnerability of patients and strive to protect them. We respect everyone’s story and value patient insights as much as healthcare professional insights.


Innovation: We are not afraid to do things differently. Our DNA is wired for innovation, always aligning with quality expectations.


Professionalism and Quality: We adhere to strict regulatory and compliance standards in our industry. We are proactive, transparent, and committed to delivering premium quality work.


Evidence-Based Approach: Our foundation is built on science. We validate our references before sharing information publicly.


Teamwork: Our strength lies in our team. We foster an open, ambitious environment where everyone contributes to serving our clients. We believe in over-delivering with quality.


At Esperity, we’re not just about meeting standards; we’re about setting them.

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